i'm bri and i forgot how to blog

”I see no point in wearing this sweater”

"Dude, you’re no fun at all

all of my favorite spn episodes: 2x21 [all hell breaks loose (part one)]

Last day of episode 200! Me and @jarpad sittin where we belong.
Celebrating with @jarpad at a wonderful 200 episode bash.

I’ve learned…that it doesn’t matter what the story is, some things never change…sometimes I fall in battle. Sometimes I die hugely, bravely, saving the city from something that would destroy it. Sometimes it’s a small, ironic, unnoticed death— I die rescuing a child from a fire, or tackling a frightened pickpocket.
              The end of the story of  B a t m a n  is, he’s dead.
Because, in the end, t h e   B a t m a n  d i e s.
W h a t        e l s e       a m       I       g o i n g      t o      d o?  
Retire and play golf? It doesn’t work that way. I t  c a n ’ t.

I fight until I drop.
And I will drop.
But until then,
I  f i g h t.

breaking bad minimalist posters

We couldn’t leave without you.

I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.