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I was very princessy before that show. But I knew I had that kind of grit in me. I knew I had the nurturing capacity and I knew had abandonment issues, too. So I knew I could throw that all into one big soup pot and keep exploring it. There was enough depth with that character that if it went for years and years, I would have enough to explore. This year really scared me, because they sent her down the rabbit hole with drugs and guilt and going to jail. Whereas in the past they challenged me with dealing with all these kids and nudity, this year it was really stripping me down emotionally and taking me as low as I could go. And finding the humor in that, too. - Emmy Rossum talking about her journey on Shameless in a recent interview for Variety.

Life’s too short to be serious. (x)

GET TO KNOW ME MEME6 favorite female characters > Dee Reynolds

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sam + being super happy for the first time in forever <3

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